Roncade Winery

Via S. Rocco, 103
31056 Roncade (TV)

PHONE +39 0422 707145

Plant manager: Enol. Enrico Casarin
Contributing shareholders: 155
Collected grapes: kg. 1.062.045 (average annual)
Cantina di Roncade


The Roncade Winery now counts about 155 members who deliver grapes from the territory of Treviso. Actually, Roncade winery is the smallest of the group Vi.V.O. wineries; it's located very close to the nearby winery of Meolo.

The winery is located inside the operating site of the Agricultural Consortium: the meeting point of all the farmers for the purchasing agricultural machinery.

The cooperation with the Agricultural Consortium was the starting point of the business of the grapes collection and processing, they all know very well that the land and the passion of those who care it, are the most impotant points for a hugh quality product.


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