Vi.V.O. Cantine

The Cantine Viticoltori Veneto Orientale s.a.c was born in April 2012 following from the fusion between the Producers winery of Campodipietra and the Producers Wineries from the Veneto Orientale (Eastern Veneto). The result is a winery which is actually among the most interesting of the industry, not only for its in size but also for the extensione of the covered territory; the area from the Friuli lands to the counties of Treviso and Venice is devoted to the vineyard and its products since the time of Serenissima Republic.


With its 2.000 members, more than 4000 hectares of vineyards, 50.000.000 kilograms of grapes conferred annually and the 10 wineries for the grapes collection and the wine production throughout the territory, the Cantine Viticoltori Veneto Orientale is an union point among the winemaking tradition of many small producers with a business structure designed to meet the needs of the domestic and international market.

A young history but with the roots firmly planted in the tradition, looking towards the future, in the belief that the enhancement of the work of its members is the best way to defend the territory, its peculiarities and the great wine tradition of our land.