Vi.V.O. Winery

The creation of Vi.V.O. Winery through the fusion between the historical and Winery of Campodipietra and the Wineries from the Veneto Orientale is considered in order to give value to the production territories of the Piave and Lison Pramaggiore. 

The transaction allowed the growth , in Eastern Veneto, of a production managed with important economies of scale.
The reached size places Vi.V.O. Cantineamong the main Italian wine cooperatives; this position has strengthened its role within the DOCG Lison and Malanotte, as well as the DOC Prosecco, Venice, Piave and Lison Pramaggiore.
The wineries are located within their respective territories to DOC and are the guarantee for the success of their wines to which the Cooperative is a leading producer