Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera - Bosco Viticultori Bottling hub

Via Correr, 17
31040 Salgareda (TV) 

TEL +39 0422 807818 

Production Manager:

enol. Gabriele Lorenzon
enol. Chiara Menegaldo


Casa Vinicola Bosco Viticultori s.r.l., an active part of the Vi.V.O. Cantine Group since 2012, is located in Salgareda, in the Treviso area, an always suitable area for wine production, where the culture of Prosecco has its origins.

In this company passion, experience and professionalism in the harvesting, selection and processing of grapes, as well as the adoption of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies transform the grapes into selected and high quality wines, with an intense flavour and fine and delicate taste.

Bosco Viticultori, known nationwide for the excellence of its products, mainly Prosecco, Spumanti and Frizzanti, has developed over the years a dimension of sure international relevance: 65% of its sales are destined to foreign markets.


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