Torre di Mosto Winery

Via Tezze, 39/A
30020 Torre di Mosto (VE)

PHONE +39 0421 460631

Plant manager: Enol. Antonello Pirani
Collected grapes: kg. 4.195.998 (average annual)
Cantina di Torre di Mosto


Torre di Mosto Winery is located in the DOC Lison Pramaggiore territory. Since ancient ages the area was crossed by important Roman roads, paths on which you are traveling today: the Postumia that joined Genova to Aquileia and Annia, which connected also Altino.

The Torre di Mosto Winery offers a range of DOC wines produced from quality grapes matured in an area that has always stood out for good wine production.

The winery is located in the centre of three production areas: DOC Lison Pramaggiore, Piave and Venice; to those it added an other denomination: DOC Prosecco. Originally it was born in the adjacent county of Treviso, only in recent years it has been extended to other county of the Veneto and Friuli. This allows the production obtained in the wnery of Torre di Mosto to be very large because it includes reds, whites and rosés to be able to fully satisfy customer needs.

In 2010 have been finishes the renovation works that have seen a complete transformation of the grapes processing plant and the opening of the selling shop.


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